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On Fanfiction

A couple of you have asked, and lo, you have been answered by the author herself. :) This is Ms. Lowachee's (kiviuq's) official statement on the subject of fanfiction for her work. I know you don't need to be told because you're all awesome, but please respect her wishes. Along those lines, keep in mind that Karin participates in our community, so it would probably be best if you posted any fanfic you may write elsewhere. (Fanart is always loved and appreciated.) Thanks, everyone!

Feel free to ask me anything and I will try to answer inquiries to the best of my ability. :) I enjoy talking with my readers because without you guys my being published would be nigh impossible. I appreciate my readers tremendously.

My stance on fan fiction is that people are free to do what they like - I just can't see it. There are a few reasons for this:

1) It's a copyright issue. I don't want to read any fan fiction and, perhaps and even unlikely, if I write more stories in this world it unintentionally copies what the fan writers have done and then it all gets very messy. (It's also a copyright issue, technically, because my publisher owns the rights to derivatives of the work, etc, though they obviously give a little leeway because I am the author. Not that they'd go after fan writers but, you know, just throwing it out there as a detail.)

2) I am, with myself, very strict about the integrity of my characters and worlds. Not every writer is like this but for the same reason some actors don't like to hear or read interpretations of their roles lest it infringe on their own, I'm the same way with my work. I have a very specific view of my characters and their world and don't want to be unduly influenced by others' interpretations (kind-hearted and enthusiastic though they are!) I love that the readers love my characters and want to inhabit the world; I really really appreciate that it inspires people to write too! But...I just can't involve myself with it.

3) If people do write fanfiction, I would prefer they not be widely distributed (as in printed out, etc) or, of course, sold in any capacity. I say that just to be unequivocal about my stance, not because I believe anyone would try to make money off my name or my created works. I just like to be thorough. :)
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